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Our Ethics

At MELOX, we aim to reach as many ethical practices as we can. This starts from the way we design and our business model. We create special pieces with unique prints that come from original concepts and hand illustration that will stay in your wardrobe for a long time. When you do want to pass on your piece, we hope you send it to a good home so someone else can enjoy it after you. We also always recommend styling MELOX pieces with thrifted items - they go great together.

We also do not manufacture at a rapid rate, there are always several months between our new releases and drops, as we think it is important to fight against 'fast fashion', fleeting trends and wastage. We produce the minimum order quantity per piece, so as not to waste unnecessarily, and once our pieces are sold out, they are gone.

Our manufacturing team personally audits all the partnering factories carefully. They work with factories that do not employ anyone under the age of 16 and the employees receive standard wages. No one is forced to work overtime, and if they  do want to, there is extra overtime pay.

The manufacturing facilities are equipped with proper lighting and sanitation facilities, and the working conditions and equipment are safe as possible to prevent work-related injuries. Eg, no exposed electrical wiring/sockets, sufficient space between workstations, and safety equipment like steel-mesh and gloves and face-masks readily available.

We are doing as much as we can to stay ethical, and we still do have many things we would like to further implement in the future, such as moving towards sustainable and recycled fabrics as we grow more as a business. For any further questions please email