MELOX is a swim and streetwear label born in Fremantle, on the coast of Western Australia.


MELOX is everything you make it.
The beach rave. The spontaneous adventure. That dip in a hidden waterfall off the beaten track. Taste testing at food markets in South East Asia. Getting completely lost in a foreign city and rolling with it, and dancing anywhere and everywhere whenever you feel like it.
The MELOX girl loves the funk, lives for the adventure and embraces everything.


The designer Mel studied at TAFE in Bentley WA, always overwhelmed by artistic impulses. Gradually over the years she honed them down to become more 'wearable'. You can see elements in the collections, with hand drawn doodles turned prints, hand beading and embroidery.


Each and every design belongs to the party in her brain and she would like to invite you all to join. (and bring whoever you like)